Wow! This sound so coherent and logical. Since our service is risk-free, hence renders dependability. Let’s get sorted and try out our Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

Though what we offer is well-designed and we claim our service to be the best resort to try out online pursuit, you happen to change your mind due to any reason, you will be served with easy and ascertained Money Back Guarantee at any time. Losing on a client is not really cool, but we part ways while respecting your decision. Therefore, if you happen to cancel your account within the first 30-days of your sign up, you will get your entire money refunded and even after 30-days, if you decide to give up, the unused amount (Amount paid – Amount used for the period) for the service will be refunded back to your account. In both the cases, it will take 7 workings days for the refund to get reflected in your account.

See, how simple it is and it will always be so, even if you join back. We can expect your coming back because no other service can beat the Google Cloud Web-hosting service rendered through extensively reliable servers with great ease of use.

Let’s Get the Things Right!

Our support team is incessantly working to provide amazing experiences with our efficient working, still if something goes wrong and you decide to step back, we request you to let us know the reason.

Time to go through the dreary but necessary policy details:
1. An online submission of a request for the immediate cancellation within the first 30 days gets you the entire money back issued in your favour within 7 working days.
2. The unused money is refunded within 7 working days if the period of 30-days gets over.
3. No refund can be asked for, if there is an action in respect to the Company’s Terms of Service violations.
4. Service Credits, if given any, cannot be encashed and cannot be claimed for refund.

If you ever proceed further with the cancellation procedure, do let us know the reason behind your dissatisfaction, so we can rectify the issue involved. We regret the discontentment caused but please share the reason of your disappointment, before you raise a request for the refund or you step forward to cancel the service.